Get The Real Reason Why There Are So Many Fatherless Children Everywhere

We must first understand, when did this all began? Some say it was the beginning of welfare, could be, but this issue is happening everywhere in the world. Is welfare everywhere in the world? Others say it was the beginning of the feminism movement, another could be but was feminism originally designed to move fathers completely out of our children’s lives everywhere? Here’s what I think. The day fathers began to vanish from the homes of our communities is possibly when all of these problems began. So, what is the solution? I’ve heard we need to make these dead beat fathers to take care of their responsibility. I also heard we need more mentors, more programs and more activities to help with the influx of all these fatherless children. I say we need to stop the flow of fatherless children coming and that starts with the mothers of these children.


Educate These Mothers

The first thing that needs to happen is that all women needs to read, understand and adhere by the following statement…..”As a woman, you are responsible for every single thing that enters your body, to include information, drugs, alcohol and semen!!” This is not a joke. If a woman allows to many of the wrong drugs to enter her body she will become a drug addict, if she allows to many of the wrong alcohols to enter her body she becomes an alcoholic, if she allows the wrong semen to enter her body she becomes a TOTAL MESS!! So, since the baby develops from inside of the woman, and she is the keeper of the womb then she is responsible for who puts it there. If women want to prove their strength then here is where they should start.  If we can get enough women to understand the statement above then we will see a change in the quality of men they are having babies with. Another way to educate women is by having them answer the questions from my one of a kind book called “Mommy Look At The Daddy you Gave Me” A Fatherless Child Cry for Answers. By doing this women will be armed with the questions needed to ask  men in order to see if he qualifies to be a good daddy for their children. This is unprecedented and can be the beginning of change in our society that will benefit us all.



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