See The Different Types of Men Your Mother Chose To Be Your Father

These days there are no rules to picking the right man to be a father to you. Here are four types of fathers who make you fatherless. In no particular order.

#1. This type of father has a child with a woman and has never been in his child’s life, ever. He has chosen to be out of his child’s life on purpose. There is a real good chance that he never had his father in his life. He is angry and confused, saying to himself “how could I do the same exact thing to my children that my father did to me?” He is lost.

#2 This type of father never knew he had a child. He may have been intimate with a woman once and they never saw each other again. You know, that one night stand thing, for example, military, college, business trips or cruises. He is not aware he has a child in the world who is not aware of him.

#3 This type of father lives in the home with you but is unattached to everyone in the house. He is most likely fatherless himself or had a negative upbringing with his dad. He is staying in the home because he thinks this make his children not fatherless. He is lost also.

#4 This type of father is financial dad only. He just sends his support and is not interested with connecting with his children. He is most likely fatherless himself and thinks he is doing great because he is sending plenty money to his children. He just doesn’t get it.

Mothers have to know in advance the best man to be a father to their children. This must stop if we expect to see any changes in our society today and moving forward.



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