Mommy, I Love You, But I Love My Daddy Too!

Mommy, I Love my Daddy too!!

I would like to talk to you about my Daddy.

Did you know not having my daddy in my life can negatively impact my personality for the rest of my life?

That there’s a good chance I might not even finish High School,

That I might even participate in risky behaviors that may effect my decision making.

That, not having dad around may lead me to using drugs, and this can be the downfall for my young life?     How this simple drug can effect me:

Mommy did you know that no matter what you say or what I say to you…… I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY DADDY?

That I feel I have to hide my love for him so I wont make you mad….So I start lying to myself at an early age….This is too much pressure and I need my daddy to hold me.

You make me feel bad about loving my Daddy, or talking about the fun I have when I’m with him.

When you talk bad about him that makes me sad.

Mommy, did you know that not having my dad around may determine the type of people I hang around and this can lead me to very bad places like, jail, a hospital or even the morgue.

Mommy, do you see how important it is to choose the right man to be a daddy for me? I miss my daddy so much.

So Mommy, I just wanted to let you know I love you, but I love my Daddy too!



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