Every Fatherless Child Has A Story To Tell

Do You???

It has been said that this story you have to tell has little to do with your Dad. Now does it? It has everything to do with the surroundings you grew up in. The place you lived and the quality of life you were forced to to be a part of. This was not your fault, but the fault of your parents. 

Too many times children like you have been trained to believe the reason you and your mom are struggling was because your dad left or decided to be out of your life. More often than not this was not the case. If you would like to find out the truth about your dad, ask you mom the question from my book and get your healing.

Mommy, Look at the Daddy You Gave Me is a book I created so I could ask my mother why did she pick that particular man to be my daddy. I never got the chance to ask her because she is now deceased. So, you have the chance now to respectfully ask you mother or have your children ask you so you all can get some closure.

Now I ask again, if you have a true story to tell about the struggles of living without your daddy in the house with you, then please leave your comment below. We all have a story to tell and it wasn’t about what our daddy didn’t do but what our moms did.

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