Getting To The Root of Things Part 2

Last month I spoke about a diagram of how the fatherless issue gets started. So, on your right is the man and on the left is the woman. The middle graph indicates a man and a woman together sexually. The point I want to show you is that there is a gap between when a man and a woman first sees each other until the the time they end up in bed. This gap is crucial to determining who’s has more control of the situation prior to ending up in bed.

There are a lot of dynamics that come into play when trying to determined this. Let’s assume both parties are single and unattached. Now, let say they are on a cruise and they first met prior to getting on the ship. Now, they are on the ship and their cabins are not close to one another. But the quickly find one another that night for dancing and drinking. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed and have unprotected sex. Who’s at fault? Well, since the sex has already happened, then they both are at fault 50/50. Now, back to my diagram, you see there is a gap between the time they first met to the time the ended up in bed. First of all it takes more then a day to get to know someone before you have unprotected sex with that person.

During that gap, what was said about having protected sex? Who decided that it was ok to meet someone that morning then have unprotected sex later that night. This is happening all to often and we just haven’t found out a plan for it yet. Until now. Get the only book ever written that will help you know in advance if this is someone you should trust that soon. Woman have to protect their bodies against someone who is going to hit and run. This book will help you do just that by asking a few questions then abiding by the answers.

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