There is an epidemic going on in the world today and little is being said about it. This epidemic is the plight of the fatherless. Fatherless babies, children and adults are struggling to find out why they ended up in the situation they're in; fatherless. I have been researching this issue for a few years now and I have yet to find any solution to stop this fatherless trend from continuing. 

My name is Tom Guu and I really believe I have something different which just may be the solution everyone is hoping for. For starters I believe there are 3 things to implement to stop the flow of fatherless children from continuing.

1. Every women everywhere must study, understand and believe the following quote:  "As a woman you are responsible for every single thing you allow to enter your body, to include information, drugs, alcohol and semen."  

2. Every woman, who is dating and want to ensure she meets the correct man to marry and have children with, must ask their mate these 3 vital questions, from my new book, that may help her make a better decision while giving her children the best daddy.

3. Find out the real reason your father was not in your life and get this information from the most reliable source on earth, "YOUR MOTHER." Respectfully ask your mother the same questions I wanted to ask my mother but never could and find out the truth about why your dad went missing. You can also find these questions in my new e-book called "Mommy, Look at The Daddy You Gave Me." You will get access to the 50+ questions I wanted to ask my mother about why she chose that man to be my daddy. Also, you will get the 3 easy questions you need to ask any man to find out quickly if this man is qualified to be a good daddy.

Our Children Are Suffering

We must do something. We as a nation should not continue to sit on our hands and do nothing. We have children who are so damaged for not having their fathers in their lives; they feel numb. To frighten to tell their mothers they miss their dads. Too ashamed to tell what happened to them when their mommy was not present. To sad to move forward in life. We as a nation have to start right now to make a change and help this fatherless epidemic from continuing. Our children are suffering!